Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Today's Assignments

1. DOJO DAILY ASSIGNMENT: Watch the video below of me reading a story to students, after which I give directions to write 2 sentences on which character you would rather be and why.  Illustrate.  Click here for video:  (CLICK)

2. 2ND DOJO ASSIGNMENT: take a picture of the math pages youdo today so I can see all are keeping up.

3. Have your child do the fundations drill with me.  Click here for video

4. Packet Sheets for follow-up practice : go to stapled packet labeled : Unit 10 Trick Words : Foundational Skills(any) and the next sheet in this stapled packet (many), followed by the next sheet (how)

5. Watch Wit & Wisdom Getting Started & Lesson 3 Click here:  CLICK.

6.  Math:  Watch this video:  CLICK HERE Then work on pages 461-463.

7.  S.S./ Science Go to Scholastic Book Flix log in: CLICK HERE

Today in the search bar type in the story “And Then It’s Spring and How Do You Know It’s Spring?” Do the online activities that accompany the story.

Homework: Log into Education City: ***go to the homework icon. Finish up activities from Monday & Tuesday. There are new activities assigned to your child to practice. Please have them complete these each day. Thank you! Today’s activities are dealing with adding / using base ten blocks and ones.


Book Report- due Friday, March 27th. Use the first book report template in your packet. ( use the “New Cover” sheet).

In your packet you also have book report templates (you may need to copy these or at least the format to use over and over again).

Your child should choose a book on their reading level. Please submit a picture of your book report on class dojo on Friday, March 27th. Be aware we will be expecting a book report every Friday in the future.